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Annual Conference of Forum of Public Schools May 05, 2012






Saturday, 5th May, 2012



The Auditorium, India International Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi



Mr. Vineet Joshi - Chairman and Secretary (CBSE)



Ms. Nalini Singh – renowned journalist & TV anchor

Prof. M.M.Pant - Founder LMP Education Trust

Mr. Steven Rudolf - Director, Jiva Education


The Conference started off with a spark of learning in everyone present there.  The participants included Principals, HOD’s, educationists and teachers. Ms. Madhulika Sen, Ms. Anjali Agarwal, Ms. Mukta Misra, Mr. Sanjay Bhartia, Ms. Anupama Bharadwaj and Mr.S.L.Jain were all geared-up for the reception of the Resource Persons.  The Conference was formally declared open with the arrival and floral welcome to the dignitaries followed by Lighting the Lamp.

The inaugural session began with Ms. Madhulika Sen, Chairperson, FPS & Principal, Tagore International School delivering the Welcome address with utmost humility and warmth.  She emphasized on the fact that the need of the hour was to correlate education with the rapid development in technology.

Mr.Vineet Joshi, the Chief Guest for the Day delivered the Keynote address.  In his address, he emphasized on the role of a teacher to be of utmost importance in assisting students to focus their learning more on life skills in unison with academics.  He was also of the opinion that Soft Skills like communication, thinking, entrepreneurial, ethical and moral values need to be induced in the learning process of the students as education has always prepared everyone to continue unlearning, learning & relearning and one needs to be aware of the weaknesses & strengths of self and the team members to be holistically successful in life.  He concluded with a strong view point that the relationship between the parent & school community needs to be such that our student community are achievers in totality.


This session summed-up with the Annual Report presented by Sh. Sanjay Bhartia, Vice-Chairperson, FPS and the vote of thanks conferred by Sh. S.L. Jain.   He conveyed   his heartfelt thanks to all present there and none-the-less appreciated the profound talk by Sh. Vineet Joshi and stressed on the mantra laid by him and said that unlearning, learning and relearning must carry-on and revolutionary steps must be taken to bring about a reformation in the prevalent education system as sustainable change comes only from teachers. He also thanked the executive committee and veterans – Prof. Pant, Mr. Luthra, Mr. Purang – for being a part of this conference and making it a grand success.


Ms. Nalini Singh presented her views on ‘Meaningful life through right skills’. According to her, each one of us ought to be a information-seeker and sift through a lot of information and epitomize the life skills. She felt that excessive rituals, seeking peace, money, lavishness – all these lead to dependence which in turn leads to huge disappointment.  One needs to be self-reliant rather than dependant to be successful in life & to make oneself self-reliant one needs to assess oneself.  She was also of the opinion that we don’t have the freedom to dodge the blow of time & chance but one must choose the attitude to bear the consequences of life. One must endow one’s life with a huge meaningful purpose. The most important life skills mentioned by her were – open-mindedness, boldness, having a positive attitude and successful communication skills, helping a person who cannot help you and living  life as if you were living it the second time. In a nutshell, implementation of right skills for a right life at the right time lead to a meaningful life.

‘Building Rockstar teachers for future leaders’ – was a rocking topic presented by                       Prof. M.M.Pant.  He felt that each one should be an active presenter rather than a passive receiver. The external circumstances & the environment have changed and to tackle with them one needs to go beyond what is being taught and answers will come from building life skills.  Asking questions & choosing between answers is a very important skill required these days and this fundamental change must be incorporated in education when technology is used to such a large extent.  One must grasp every little opportunity that comes the way & create meaning, argument & utility of any fact.  Team-work, collaboration, problem-solving, decision-making, innovative, creative & critical thinking – are all the different life skills that need to be induced in one’s teaching – learning process.  ‘Rockstar Teachers’ are amassed with resources, immense knowledge and are thought-provoking, being experienced and engaged technically as well.  Ultimately, he felt that dealing with problems and handling any sort of situations, is real education.

‘Learning is a journey of challenges’ – said Mr. Naveen Rajlani, Senior Vice President-School at Pearson Education and stated that they believed in learning and their books were a blend of unique digital & print content.  A wonderful slide-show was also presented show-casing their targets & achievements.


An American educationist, researcher, TV personality, a gifted speaker and presenter - Mr. Steven Rudolph’s session on ‘Deeksha Guru – a Mentor’ was mesmerizing and joyful learning.  He classified teachers into two groups – Deeksha Guru, who teaches ethics by examples for the overall development of the learner and Shiksha Guru, who provides knowledge for one’s livelihood and enables one to choose a suitable stream/career.  He also opined that involvement of counsellors, developing characters, identifying students’ multiple natures/intelligences and guiding them to the right path are the ultimate solution to problems like lack of direction and guidance either from parents or the mentors.

The Valedictory Speech was given by Ms. Rita Jain, who had no words left after the rib-tickling sessions and a very heart-warming question and answer session. Mr. Suraj Prakash, conferred upon the vote of thanks, thanking the guests of honour, educationists, Principals, HOD’s, teachers and all present there for making the conference a grand success. He appreciated the stupendous efforts, zeal & enthusiasm seen in all and the enriching knowledge imparted in the simplest way.  He also seconded the speakers’ views as to the enrichment of life skills to be the need of the present scenario in the holistic development of the students.  The conference concluded with a powerful conviction of rejuvenating, replenishing and recharging the existing education paradigm by unlearning, learning and relearning.

The teacher participants were:

Ms. Monika Makkar

Ms. Preeti Gupta

Ms. Dimpi Gupta

Ms. Puja

Ms. Shalu Anand

Ms. Sucheta               

Ms. Sonia Dewan

Ms. Varinder Kaur

Ms. Meenakshi Gupta

Ms. Rupali Kapoor

Ms. Kanchan Jain

Ms.Harvinder Sachdeva

Ms. Tripta Sachdeva

Ms. Santosh Kaushik

Ms. Preeti Bhargava

Ms. Anita Gupta

Ms. Indra Sharma

Ms. Ruchi Gupta

Ms. Sonal Jain          

 Ms. Geetanjali     

Ms. Kavita Agrawal

Ms. Richa Kapila

Ms.Bhanu Mahajan


Ms. Vanita Gupta      

Ms. Meenakshi Sindhi

Ms Alka Sharma


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