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A visit to Presidents HouseNov 03, 2012


                                     VISIT TO PRESIDENT HOUSE



Date   -   3 November 2012

Time of departure- 8:00 a.m.

Classes-VII A, B&C (88students)

Escorting Teachers – Ms Uma Gargesh, Ms Pushpa Hudda, Ms Ansuya,

                                               Ms Seema Madan, Ms Preeti Bhargav & Ms Ranjana


Sponsored by--The Hindustan Times


‘Visual sources are the best tools for effective learning’. With this attitude, a visit to the President House was organized for the students of class VII by The Hindustan Times. The visiting team landed the destination at 9:00am.The exhilarating and vibrating sound of the drum beat with the bagpipes caught the attention of each and every visitor. In fact, the marvelous march past was being displayed as a part of deputed soldiers’ duties. All the students were speechless to witness such a wonderful display of changing the duties of guards which is formally performed at the end of every week. Besides this, morning wishes (NAMASKAR) to JCOs were also showered by the same troops of soldiers at the side of the entrance. Appreciating the soldiers’ confidence, discipline and dutiful attitude all proceeded towards the high security zone where everyone was scrutinized by CC TV. All the corridors were telling the legacy of all the former Presidents of India. The visitors followed the guide towards MARBLE HALL where the life size portraits of the British officials could be seen. She apprised the students that the President House was called the Viceroy House before 1950 and this area has been declared a world heritage masterpiece designed by Lutyen, the great architect of New Delhi. In the middle of the Marble Hall, there was a replica of Queen’s crown made of brass having 65 kg weight. Next point of attraction, KITCHEN MUSEUM which was conceived by Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, had variety of antique big cook ware, brassware, glass ware and silver ware used by different presidents of India. After that the students were taken toward DARBAR HALL where huge idol of LORD BUDDHA had been erected on a platform.  We were told that the capacity of the hall was 600 people where the President addresses the big gathering while ASHOKA HALL can accommodate the gathering of 400 people where the important ceremonies like swearing in and award distribution are performed. This hall was used by the British as BALL ROOM where they used to dance and enjoy. Viewing the idols of all twelve former Presidents, the team exited out of the VVIP zone. It was a great opportunity for the young students to learn the life skills like appreciating others, team spirit, knowing social self etc. Thanks to HT.



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