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Prestigious presence of Teachers from U.K in MAAPSMar 29, 2012

On 29th March 2012, two teachers – Ms. Michele Bacon and Ms. Philomena Noone from Wade Decon High School, U.K. visited India and MAAPS had the proud privilege of their esteemed presence in the school premises for five days. They were a part of the special assembly on the theme “Global Fiesta” conducted by the students of the Primary Department. Dance forms of India, Africa, China and U.K. were presented by the little ones with whole-hearted fervor and love for their own country and nevertheless showed their concern for other countrymen too. As the Indian dances were on, the distinguished guests could not keep themselves away from tapping their feet on the Indian tunes. They encouraged our littoleans and shared their words of wisdom with all present there. Their interaction with our student-council and discussion regarding the task managing skills which are important to strike a balance between responsibilities as leaders and academic performances was a great source of learning opportunity for our young leaders. Methodology of teaching, roles and responsibilities of teachers and school counselors in modulating the young lives and the evaluation system were all a part of the healthy discussion and interaction between the two.   The members of the school alumini and parents association were also a part of the whole event.

Our staff members escorted them to Lotus Temple, Red Fort, Birla Temple, Qutub Minar to show true colours of Delhi in the field of art, architecture, beliefs and faith. Exploring Delhi in true spirit was a great learning experience for our guests. They enjoyed Indian Cuisine, dresses and noted the teachings of Holy Book- “Bhagvad Geeta”. The presence of our guests in school premises was another great achievement of M.A.A.P.S.

The year 2012 has brought in many proud moments of success stories for us.  The whole- hearted commitment of the staff members and the untinted support and guidance of the Managing Committee of the school has brought us these great honours.  We wish to continue this voyage of aspirations and success with greater impetus and passion in the coming years too.

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