Seeing experiment being performed is important as it firms the learning but performing experiment with your own hands enhances the joy of learning. In chemistry lab students learn the method of preparation, identification, observation technique and drawing correct inferences. They acquire the skills of various lab techniques. They get accustomed to the proper lab equipments and precautions to be observed while working in lab.


Genuine laboratory practice is given in the school for the systematic and scientific training of mind Physics is an experimental science and history of science reveals that most of the noticeable discoveries in science have been made in physics labs. In the physics lab students rediscover and verify the laws which they study in the class rooms. This lab contributes significantly in helping the student to develop scientific temperament.


Through Music and Dance the students are given a glimpse of richness of india’s diverse culture. Classical as well as folk dances are taught in the school. 

The music room is equipped with latest music systems and traditional instruments

As it is very essential for our students to prepare themselves to meet the challenges of the 21 century; adequate attention is being given to the expansion and up gradation of the computer facilities already existing in the school. In MAAPS, students and teachers have access to the best of technology. Here, technology is not only used to enhance the teaching learning process, but also each and every domain of the school’s functioning. The School Computer Laboratory provides invaluable skills and knowledge essential to the world of Information Technology.