Maharaja Aggarsain School follows the principle of “Vasudeva Kutumbam” mentioned in our Holy book “VEDANTA” which professes that the whole world is like a family. Caring and sharing is the prime duty of human creation. We believe in appreciating differences and celebrating similarities. Our partnership with international schools has enriched the panorama of kaleidoscope of culture, values and heritage with each other. In this age of globalization we intend to learn work culture, curriculum, assessment, education policies and other innovative projects in education from the schools over the Globe. We fine tune our students with those attributes of heart, head and hands which prepare them to be self reliant citizens, compassionate, gracious and excellent human beings who have pride in their country and believes in international brotherhood. We are committed to any form of learning which creates International bonding and brotherhood. This is documented in International Policy of our school too. Maharaja Aggarsain School is desirous of assimilating highest quality of learning experience around the world. We believe that it is important to be qualified but it is more important to stay qualified by learning continuously.